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Our Client Success Stories

EHL Consulting believes that the key to success is planning ahead and teaching with experience. The success of the firm is attributed to individualizing each campaign or other challenges.

Although organizations may have similar goals, the steps to reaching success are often different for each. The following case studies represent a small sample of our large history of successful client relationships.

Please note: we respect the privacy of our clients, and do not disclose the names of past or present clients on this website. If you are interested in a particular area of interest, please feel free to contact us for specific references.

Case Study: Faith-Based Institutions

A Jewish congregation with 725 members successfully completed a two-year, $18 million capital campaign under our guidance and direction. Upon completion of that effort, EHL Consulting then guided the congregation through a six-month program to develop its written strategic plan, with a focus on long-term giving through current and testamentary support, and endowment development. EHL Consulting continues working with this congregation to initiate a fund resource development effort to expand annual support.

Case Study: Education

A prominent independent school in the Midwest retained EHL Consulting when they received an unprecedented $2.0 million challenge grant from a benefactor. In addition to overseeing the campaign to match the grant, EHL Consulting helped the school develop leadership and draw out new strategies to help maximize educational goals for their students. Under the guidance of EHL Consulting, the school re-crafted its mission and vision statements to better reflect the school’s growing capabilities.

Case Study: Youth & Social Service

Fundraising consultants EHL Consulting worked with a leading nonprofit organization that offers therapeutic services to at-risk children, ages newborn through seven years old, and their families. The client required a new facility and discussed the possibility of initiating a campaign to achieve that goal. After conducting a Pre-Campaign Assessment that included the evaluation of a number of strategic issues beyond a fund raising campaign alone, EHL Consulting determined that they would, under a certain set of circumstances, be able to raise more money than anticipated. By raising expectations, applying proper research tools and engaging their board, EHL Consulting helped this organization heighten their visibility within the community and procure $10 million to both endow their programs and to help purchaser-locate to a new, better located headquarters. They are proud to be practicing green building practices as they renovated an historic facility and gave it a new life.

Case Study: Cultural Arts

A children’s museum located overseas hired EHL Consulting to help them attract and retain a U.S. donor base to support capital and programmatic expansion. EHL Consulting has connected the museum’s leadership with individual and foundation donors, as well as introduced them to the leadership at museums in the U.S. with similar missions. The children’s museum has begun talking about several exciting collaborative projects involving its innovative programming.

Case Study: Israel-based Organizations Seeking U.S. Representation and Support

EHL Consulting has partnered with a major social service agency working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Israel. The agency retained EHL Consulting to create a sustainable presence across North America. This was accomplished by attracting and retaining North American donors and developing a prominent volunteer leadership. Because of that success, the agency outsourced its U.S. office to EHL Consulting. In addition, we manage their multi-million annual, capital and endowment campaigns. This is a unique partnership that could be replicated for other comparable nonprofits seeking representation in the U.S. The success here is not only in the intercontinental management services provided by EHL Consulting but also the creative campaigning to better magnify the organization’s global presence, especially with its North American donors.

Case Study: Community Service

EHL Consulting completed an inventory of Fund Resource Development needs for an organization that provides fitness, recreational, educational and athletic therapy programs for children and adults with physical disabilities. EHL Consulting reviewed their strategic plan and operational systems to help them become more efficient in identifying donors and gathering information about potential prospects. EHL Consulting conducted interviews and designed practical solutions, which subsequently led to revisions in the strategic plan and shifts within in their Fund Resource Development goals. Today, the organization has better streamlined operations and is more efficient in identifying donors as well as new volunteers and Board members.