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Dollars Making Sense is a free, monthly e-newsletter for nonprofit volunteers, professional leaders, and philanthropists who want to to understand and implement the most effective ways to raise money, develop leaders and create more viable futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of hiring a fundraising consultancy team to support your fundraising operations?

Calling on seasoned professionals to create, evaluate and implement fundraising plans for your organization adds significantly to the likelihood of success. Beyond the “core” fundraising capabilities, EHL Consulting’s services include researching prospective donors and writing grant proposals. Additionally, having an outsider’s perspective about your organization is an important value, too. Most importantly, your organization will depend on a qualified, experienced team to study and recommend and help and guide you through changes to improve functioning and fundraising efficiencies.

Does EHL Consulting make donor calls for us?

We do not independently ask donors for gifts. We are licensed as fundraising counsel in these states where we have clients but we do not represent ourselves as “professional solicitors.” We do participate actively in the process of asking for gifts but only as part of a team, together with the organization’s professional and volunteer leaders. We also guide our client organizations and their leaders in the strategic review of lead and major donors primarily, together with donor research. Studies show that donors give to people they identify with and with whom they feel most comfortable.

What information will you need about us before we get started?

In preliminary discussions, we will need some background about your organization. We would like to get a sense of your fundraising history, the makeup of your board, the activities of the organization. We would also like to hear about key milestones and accomplishments. We will need to verify your status as a nonprofit organization and determine if it would be a valued partnership.

How often will you visit our location? Will any EHL Consulting staff members live here throughout the campaign?

Our on-site location visits vary, depending on campaign and organizational needs. Typically, EHL Consulting representatives visit a client site for initial meetings and then to obtain a good sense of what is required for a successful relationship and initiative. Follow-up visits to interview potential donors and to attend strategic approaches to prospects and donors. We will also be on hand to train volunteers and professional staff on our techniques and contemporary approaches and “best practices.” With the ease of technology and because we work across the globe, “resident coordinators” are an unnecessary expense.

What is EHL Consulting’s “success rate”?

Because of our approach, use of research, and decades of experience, we draw an impressive level of success with every client relationship we develop. Our goal is to under promise and over deliver! As a result, our “success rates” are superb but we try to be motivational and visionary but also realistic in our projections about campaigns and how they will ultimately generate needed support. Now in our third decade serving the philanthropic marketplace, EHL Consulting has an excellent track record working with all types of nonprofits.

Are you certified or licensed?

We are a privately held firm and we set forth a very strict code of performance for ourselves. As a member firm of The Giving Institute, we are held accountable for adhering to a strict code of ethics. Our principals and staff have all worked for nonprofits in the past, many on executive levels. We are licensed as fundraising counsel in every state that requires this registration.

How do you differentiate yourself from others?

One of our values is that every campaign is different. Although the ultimate goal is to raise money and build organizational capacity that is sustainable, our journey from point “A” to point “B” may not always be a straight line. Every client takes on its distinct character and personality. We adapt and customize our approaches and services to each client’s needs and expectations. We also approach each client engagement with a team perspective, led by a Principal of the firm. We pull from the strength in our numbers so every member of our team may ultimately touch some aspect of every client relationship.

How are fees structured?

We recognize that each client is different and that many different factors impact costs. Therefore, we establish either a per-project fee or a monthly retainer…based on professional and other staff time as much as other factors, including the scope of work. We typically bill on a monthly cycle. The cost for services may depend on length of contract, administrative needs and services, and other factors. We are affordable, of course, and understand the financial pressures facing each of our clients.

Can we meet with an EHL Consulting representative?

We typically offer several options of meeting us depending on your locality and comfort level. In many cases, our future clients like to meet us in our office but we also welcome the opportunity to meet at the offices of our current or prospective clients. For those who would like to visit our headquarters in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, which is 15 miles north of downtown Philadelphia, we are pleased to serve as hosts. Meeting prospective clients at their locations is an advantage as we can meet many members of their volunteer leadership and management teams and see the facilities up close.