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Our Jewish Community

EHL Consulting is proud to be recognized as the largest and preeminent fundraising consulting firm serving the American Jewish Community. For over 21 years, we have worked with over 350 Jewish organizations of diverse types and sizes — inspiring and empowering them to raise ever-increasing funds for a panoply of campaigns. We are often the “consultant of choice” for congregations of all types and sizes, social service agencies, schools and other educational entities, and arts and cultural organizations, as well as for many Israel-based nonprofits seeking U.S. representation, management, and support.

Synagogues of All Sizes & Locales

Fundraising for synagogues has unique components and presents varied challenges, often tied to emerging needs and shifting demographics in a congregation’s membership. EHL Consulting provides fundraising counsel for congregations seeking to maximize their leadership and fundraising capabilities in order to modernize their facilities, create or expand endowments, and address branding and outreach strategies.

We specialize in developing and directing innovative campaigns that enable synagogues to meet important capital and endowment development challenges and which support and supplement on-going fundraising activities. Working together with volunteer and professional leadership, we educate leaders and members about the importance of meeting the full array of congregational funding priorities, including annual and capital campaigns as well as planned giving and legacy giving.

Jewish Community Centers & Social Service Agencies

In our multi-faceted work with Jewish Community Centers, social service organizations, hospitals, and other public service organizations, we advise our client organizations in how to form a strategic direction and fund the provision of irreplaceable services to young and old.

Fundraising for these Jewish organizations is not as straightforward as it once was. Generational shifts in approaches reflect a new environment where community and social service organizations compete on the “open market” for the support of increasingly entrepreneurial major donor prospects. EHL Consulting works with the leadership of our client organizations to shape an assertive, multi-platform strategy to position them advantageously in this “new” philanthropic market.

Jewish Education: Day Schools & Higher Education

Jewish day schools and institutions of higher learning, both domestic and abroad, as well as regional and national educational organizations, are specialties of EHL Consulting. We serve a diverse group of independent schools and educational organizations, and we specialize in education-based campaigns of all types and sizes.

EHL Consulting’s intimate familiarity with the increasingly unstructured and competitive environment for education-focused philanthropy enables us to guide our client organizations through comprehensive and challenging fund, leadership, and organizational development initiatives. One aspect of our menu of services includes coaching and mentoring Board members as expectations change for high performing Boards and leaders.

Jewish Federations

The important Jewish cultural tradition of caring for our neighbors and friends has shaped and created Jewish Federations that address a myriad of communal challenges in Israel, overseas, and within local Jewish communities. In response to the recent decline of collectivism nationally, EHL Consulting aids Federations in re-envisioning their long-term strategies, ensuring that their campaigns result in stronger and more sustainable support. Critical to these campaigns is our work establishing contemporary donor stewardship and recognition opportunities. Of critical significance, too, are endowment-focused campaign efforts, through which significant funding can be grown and sustained.

Israel-based Organizations Seeking U.S. Representation & Support

Since its earliest days, EHL Consulting has worked with Israel-based organizations seeking ongoing, successful relationships to increase their visibility and philanthropic support in the United States. We represent Israeli institutions that provide critically needed social services, community development, health care and mental health services, education, and other resources to Israeli youth, adults, and families. With over 21 years of experience in this specific arena, we are uniquely qualified to help position Israel-based nonprofits in the U.S. philanthropic arena, discover new stateside advocates for their causes, and create new growth opportunities in North America.