Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies: Making It Sizzle!

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From our recent presentation at Philly’s Premiere Nonprofit & Fundraising Group: Dollars Making Sense comes our slide deck on Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies. This overview may provide some useful ideas as you embark on your own fundraising push in the coming months.

We look at the challenges, strategies for success, communications and other ingredients to advance your giving culture for your organization.

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Our Highlights
Slide 6: Same Donors, Different Programs
Even small programs or pilot initiatives may resonate strongly with your current donors who have not been recently “wowed.” Use new or updated programs to activate your lapsed donor-base. Remember, you need to make an effort to keep a current donor while you are constantly seeking that new donor!

Slide 7: Diversify Your Communication Mix
With more and more “routine” transactions occurring online (paying bills, receiving notifications) direct mail offers an opportunity to excite and delight your potential donors. Consider writing “hard copy” thank-you notes for online gifts, and always include a response device…especially one that highlights monthly giving opportunities. Don’t forget to test: when sending direct mail pieces, test different designs and response devices, and code recipients in your donor database to understand what messages your donors are responding to the most.

Slide 10: Create a Story Bank
You already have great examples of the work you do happening every day…go find them! “Banking” stories assures that you always have real-world examples ready to demonstrate your efficacy to stakeholders, volunteer leaders, and potential donors. Send surveys to volunteers with open-ended questions that encourage storytelling such as, “What did you learn while volunteering with us?”

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