Our Philosophy


Dollars Making Sense is a free, monthly e-newsletter for nonprofit volunteers, professional leaders, and philanthropists who want to to understand and implement the most effective ways to raise money, develop leaders and create more viable futures.

Our Commitment to Excellence

EHL Consulting has an outstanding track record for providing leadership and vision that enables organizations of increasing size and complexity to achieve their fundraising, leadership and organizational goals.

Through extensive planning and thorough execution, EHL Consulting:
  • Maximizes its clients’ success by providing comprehensive leadership and hands-on guidance, with a focus on results for each engagement.
  • Utilizes its professional depth and broad skill sets and capabilities to steer clients through the development of strategic direction and tactical accomplishments, enabling them to succeed.
  • Has a leading edge perspective on the nature and influence of prevailing economic trends and their real and projected impact on the philanthropic marketplace and its clients.
  • Extends a global reach, successfully serving organizations across the United States and overseas.
  • Boasts a talented and seasoned professional team with a diversity of superb capabilities and experiences.
  • Distinguishes itself among its competitors as a longstanding member of the Giving Institute and an adherent to its rigorous Code of Ethics, emphasizing its dedication to principled practice and a dedication to excellence in client service.