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The Giving Institute Code of Ethics

The EHL Consulting Group is a proud member of the Giving Institute. The Giving Institute's 38 member firms embrace and embody the core values of ethics, excellence, and leadership in advancing philanthropy.

Professional Code of Ethics 

Member firms, in seeking at all times to provide candid and rigorous counsel, and the highest quality of services to every client, adhere to the following ethical standards:

  • Member firms pledge to honor the confidentiality of client prospect and donor lists, their business affairs, and the right to privacy enjoyed by every institution, volunteer and donor.
  • Members firms charge clients based upon the professional services provided.  Their fees are never based upon charitable gifts raised or a percentage of contributions.
  • Member firms disclose to clients and prospective clients any professional, personal, or client relationships that might be construed as conflicts of interest.
  • Member firms seek at all times to ensure that their clients will deploy gifts for the purposes for which they were given.
  • Member firms do not guarantee fundraising results, promise access to the donors of current or previous client institutions, or otherwise engage in marketing methods that are misleading to prospective clients, to the public or to individual donors.
  • Member firms do not accept or maintain custody of gifts, or of gift funds that have been contributed to client institutions.
  • Member firms do not make undisclosed payments or provide special consideration to volunteers, officers, directors, trustees, employees, beneficiaries or advisors to a not-for-profit organization as compensation for influencing the selection of the firm or its services.
  • Member firms do not make exaggerated or erroneous claims relative to the past achievements of their firms, of their staff professionals, or of their client institutions.