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Dollars Making Sense is a free, monthly e-newsletter for nonprofit volunteers, professional leaders, and philanthropists who want to to understand and implement the most effective ways to raise money, develop leaders and create more viable futures.

Nonprofit Services

By focusing on leadership development and business practices in addition to fundraising counsel, EHL Consulting positions our clients to optimize their capabilities and solidify their positions for the future.

Organizational and Leadership Development

Sound organizational structure and quality leadership are the building blocks of a vigorous, stable and accountable nonprofit that will attract significant donor support. Read more

Strategic Planning

An organization’s daily operations – its programs, services, volunteer activities, and public relations – are driven by a shared vision held collectively by its members. Each of these functional areas contributes to an organization’s ability to fulfill its purpose and meet its mission. Read more

Visioning Process: Where Do You Want to Go and How Will You Get There?

The Visioning Process is a formal exercise facilitated by members of our firm. It enables leadership to examine and evaluate the priorities, goals and objectives of an organization for the next 5-10 years. Read More

Campaign Management Software

No contemporary fundraising effort can function effectively and efficiently without campaign and donor management software. Read More

Internet-Based Tools

The Internet has revolutionized non profit fundraising. Potential donors are conducting both routine and sophisticated business, managing households, shopping and gathering all kinds of information online. Read More

We also conduct seminars for professional staff, campaign workers and donor prospects and serve as a resource to facilitate planned gifts. In addition, The EHL Consulting Group stays abreast of changes in federal tax laws and monitors state regulations that relate to our clients across the United States.